Peloton is a design consultancy that assists you in finding the most suitable approach for your project. We can help you identify the right company, team, or individual, saving you time and effort.

When serving as a design agency with two decades of experience, we recognised the importance of guiding organisations, products, or services at pivotal moments. Since our inception in 2004, our evolution into consultancy has been marked by expertise and a commitment to unbiased, service-oriented solutions.

Clients entrust us with their visions, and we deliver tangible value through methodical processes and strategic planning. We assemble the right people to execute your project without breaking the bank, sourcing the ideal companies, individuals, or teams.

This ensures you benefit from our vast business and creative knowledge to receive unbiased recommendations for project development. Collaboration is intrinsic to our approach, propelling projects forward as a unified team. Allow us to join you on your journey, whether you’re starting afresh or seeking a new perspective.

What we deliver:


  • Build your team
  • Find the right individuals

Brand Experience 

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand workshops
  • Market research and insight
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand campaigns
  • Brand toolkits
  • Identities and guidelines
  • Social media brand presence

Design Experience

  • Art direction
  • Print and publications
  • Exhibition design
  • Packaging and POS
  • Clothing
  • Livery
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Motion and digital graphics
  • Web design