Accountancy in black & white

Creating a standout brand for a growing accountancy firm

For the brightest organisations

Corrigan, a growing Bristol-based accountancy firm came to us to help give their brand and identity stand-out in a saturated and competitive market.

Having gained a reputation in tech, start-up and charity sector, we positioned them as 'enablers for the brightest organisations to support their communities'. The bold identity we developed certainly reflected that.


With the sectors being represented with photography, we used pictograms to identify each of the services that Corrigan offer; from accountancy software solutions to risk assessments; international accounting to mergers and acquisitions; and from income tax to VAT.

Brand language

To enhance the brand identity and reinforce the brand message we gave Corrigan a brand language that was also focused on light – using common idioms or words with double means that involve brightness, light sources or synonyms of.

To give them flexibility in their marketing, we produced a suit of neon colour gradients (pinks blues and greens) — combined with a range of examples with varying applications so it could be tailored to suit the message and the audience.


The brand work culminated in a new website for Corrigan. With substantial history and a breadth of clients, we designed the website around case studies, something that is rarely done within the Accounting industry.

If you're looking for the next step in your brand's journey and want to create a lasting impact, don't hesitate to contact us. Let's work together to design something with stand-out and longevity.
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