Empowering rebrand for Voxwomen

Brand makeover to revolutionise women's cycling

Elevate women's cycling

Voxwomen is a brand dedicated to women's cycling. Our mission was to create a refreshed, vibrant and inspiring brand that would connect with fans of women's cycling and encourage more women to ride. With a passion for the sport, we crafted Voxwomen identity to be the go-to news site and media hub for women cyclist, bringing all the latest updates and insights directly to their audience.

At the heart of Voxwomen lies a commitment to authenticity and expertise. Through their collaboration with professional riders and experts, they ensure that the information and insights shared are of the highest quality. We aimed to elevate the Pro rider blogs, news, reviews, podcasts and events making Voxwomen a one-stop destination for all things women's cycling.

The new branding provides a remarkable scope and flexibility that surpasses our wildest expectations, making a tangible difference in how Voxwomen represents and encourages women's cycling. Voxwomen are now thriving with passion, professionalism and pride, a pedalling force in promoting women's cycling sport and fitness.

The team at Voxwomen
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