Innovative, Intelligent, Versatile

Branding the future of automated manufacturing

Q5D, a UK based manufacturing engineering company, were needing to rebrand ahead of their major product launch to international markets; the first-of-its-kind additive manufacturing robot that can embed wiring and electronics.

Our staged approach, led the team at Q5D along the creative process, exploring a range of ways to represent who they are and to stand out in the market.

The final design utilises an octopus, a creature synonymous with intelligence and ingenuity; and also multi-armed, much like the products Q5D produce.

The icon and the wordmark use the isometric grid (used in 3D space as the X, Y, and Z axis) as the basis for their construction. Elements from the previous logo are echoed in the new mark – the electronics connector in the Q can now be found in the octopus head.

A bright orange used as liberally as possible helps Q5D stand out in a market dominated by blues and greys.

We had twice the average number of leads. We were definitely the stand with the most consistent interest; the orange definitely stands out!

Simon Baggott, Chief Marketing Officer

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