Meet Mr Doofa

Character development for a start-up software company

Start-up software company Doofa based in New Zealand required help to create a character for their new app. Doofa (derived from ‘What can I doo-fa you’) is a clever app that plugs in to Microsoft Excel, making spreadsheet tasks quick and easy.

Dr Doofa is there to help you through the process – showing you tips and hints along the way as you plough through the latest round of tax returns and invoices.

Our unique challenge was to develop an identity for a new piece of software in conjunction with a character that could personify it.

As we all know spreadsheets can be a dull place to spend your time so we knew it was important to add some fun to the equation (pun intended). The brief was to have a character that could cheer you up during your working day, not a talking paper clip!

Working with the incredibly talented Sun and Moon studios, we had great fun developing a range of characters that could fit the bill.

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