Somerset County Cricket

The Wyvern Reborn

Wyvern redrawn

Having worked with Somerset County Cricket for nearly a decade, servicing their design needs, we built a fantastic working relationship and gained their trust as experienced designers. That trust allowed us to redesign their brand and with it, their most valuable brand asset — the Wyvern.

Steeped in over 140 years of history and with multiple stakeholder groups to satisfy, the rebrand had to be done sensitively but with the goal to match the brand identity to the champion team they had recently become.

Needing to be flexible, the logo comes in a variety of nomenclature layouts, sub-branding, and even a redrawn version for a white-out logo on dark.

Hitting for six!

As well as being well received by internal stakeholders and the fans, the rebrand had a massive effect on the financial side of the club, exceeding all KPIs that we measured, increasing ticket sales, kit sales and even tripling email clickthrough rate.


Ticket sales


Pre-season sales


Kit Sales

Kit on different scales

With cricket played in a variety of ways, each with their own styles and audience types, we devised a range of kit that could be subtle where needed (Test Cricket) and ludicrous where allowed (T20), with the Wyvern playing a central roll in each kit.

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Continued design servicing has meant creating a wider variety of graphics and templates for the club to use. For example, editable Social Media graphics for Team line up, winning a match or announcing player scores.

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