Tours of Britain

Branding and designing for women and men in the professional peloton

Two decades of design

Since 2004, the revival of the Tour of Britain (ToB) marked our entry into the professional cycling community. As well as develop the brand we provide a range of comprehensive technical and creative solutions, including race manuals, marketing materials, leaders jerseys as well as outdoor infrastructure design for signage, podiums and vehicles.

Ten down, more to come

In 2014, Peloton collaborated with British Cycling and Sweetspot on a brand review project for Tour of Britain, aiming to ensure the brand’s adaptability for title sponsorship while maintaining a robust association with the governing body, British Cycling. Over the past two decades, we have constantly sought to improve and innovate every aspect of cycling.

Peloton's guidance was invaluable in revitalising our event, enhancing the brand, and exploring with us opportunities for growth.

Peter Hodges PR Director

Women's Tour

In 2014, the long-awaited women’s edition of a national stage race in the UK finally took place. Leveraging our experience from the men’s edition, we had a significant advantage in producing all aspects of the race. However, our aim was not to simply replicate ToB. Instead, we sought to elevate the race’s aesthetics and identity to new heights.

Align sponsor brand and event creative

Aligning the event’s creative with corporate sponsorship enhances the attendee experience by creating a cohesive and immersive environment for the sponsor and that resonates with the target audience.

Annual Creative Refresh

Each year, we embrace the exciting task of creating or commissioning a theme that unifies the racing experience. One remarkable example was our collaboration with artist Will Barras, who crafted eight captivating images capturing the essence of each stage. Inspired by traditional railway travel posters but with a contemporary twist, these artworks became immensely popular, with limited print runs quickly selling out.

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